Auciello Iron Works was founded by Justin R. Auciello in Brighton, MA, in 1932. Justin Auciello was a blacksmith from the Isernia region of Italy, in the Appennine Mountains. Before immigrating to the United States at the age of 18, Justin’s mother set him up with a six year apprenticeship to learn the blacksmith trade, starting at the age of 12. After arriving in America, Justin worked for several iron works companies before finding himself out of work in the Great Depression. He then set out on his own, collecting the necessary equipment and founding Auciello Iron Works, in what used to be an old barbershop on Western Avenue, in Brighton.  

Justin passed away in 1958, leaving the business to his sons, Michael, Ralph, and Anthony Auciello. After serving in the Air Force, Mike Auciello ran the company. Ralph Auciello, joined him as shop foreman, after earning his mechanical engineering degree from Northeastern University and serving in the Army. Once Tony Auciello earned his mechanical engineering degree from Northeastern, he joined his older brothers.

The business became incorporated in 1959. AIW then purchased a Lithuanian bakery on Lincoln Street in Brighton and converted it into a second shop. Over time the company transferred its focus from residential work to commercial work. It experienced gradual growth in sales and personnel and by 1978 had outgrown its facilities relocating to Hudson Massachusetts.

About AIW


 Auciello Iron Works, Inc thrives on reputation and repeat business. AIW has always been known as a dependable fabricator of ornamental, commercial, and industrial products. 



Justin Auciello stressed quality workmanship, a strong work ethic, and fair prices. He instilled these values in his three sons. Customers loved dealing with him. In the days when business was conducted solely on the promises conveyed through a handshake, Justin Auciello always delivered. He was a classic tradesman. Customers would tell him what they wanted and he would make it. 



 Early in its history, AIW specialized in ornamental and residential work. Much of this work endures today. Take a drive through any neighborhood in Boston or the surrounding suburbs and you will likely see old hand forged railings made in the original shop. Auciello Iron Works, Inc is a part of the historic fabric of Boston Massachusetts, a city unsurpassed in connection to the historic ideals of America. Our work still stands in Harvard Square, on the campus of Harvard University, along Storrow Drive, Commonwealth Avenue, Beacon Street, at the Boston Public Library, and at many more locations.